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What's Growing in our Farm

Growing in our farm

On site Sale
Look for the First Plantation farm at the Kanodar each Saturday morning from 07:30 to Noon – January through April. If you haven’t visited the First Plantation you should really give it a try. Think of us as a “factory outlet” for fresh vegetable.
Our produce is always fresh. Looking for Capsicum (સિમલા મિર્ચ), Cabbage (કોબી), Dil (સવા ભાજી), Green Chili (લીલા મરચા) , Loki (દુધી), Coriander (કોથમીર) or fresh onions. We’ll pick it on the spot. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.
We continue to grow vegetables using the same organic practices, but no longer go through the certification process. Our original farm and roadside stand is on near Kanodar Pond (તળાવ)