The Musa kinship dates back to 1700s, and agriculture was always the center of focus. Our good-old grandmothers,
Khadigaben and
Kuverben, have kept cultivation and plantation in her minds and hearts. These lovely grandmothers and her daughters ran a farm on daily basis. Later, she accomplished her daughters’ weddings from the profits of the farm. However, the new world order was in place, and her sons and daughter-in-laws were no more part of traditional agriculture, but were highly educated pupils. One of the son, Javid, was an engineer, and worked in an irrigation for many years, while her daughter-in-law, Marjiya, was in export and import, and overseas business management. Munna – her second son worked hand-in-hand with Marjiya, and created extensive network of contacts and managed foreign commerce. He is highly popular socialistic person, and is loved and adored by all age groups. We have synthesis the knowledge of this generation, and the previous one to come up with a technological advance farm: First Plantation. This farmstead is not only for gaining wealth, but to satisfy our elders with orthodox fashion of farming, and to satisfy the appetite of the modern world for advancement. Our establishment will be the model for future farms to come, and create a better planet.